Seacod Launches New Campaign on the Health Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

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  • #ShuruwatAajSe launches with a brand film on the timelessness of Seacod golden capsules
  • Multi-generational insights into the impact of maintaining health with simple and powerful habits
  • The first step in building momentum of the #ShuruwatAajSe movement

Seacod from Universal NutriScience, India’s largest-selling cod liver oil capsules brand, announces its anticipated digital campaign, #ShuruwatAajSe. The campaign, conceptualized, created, and produced in collaboration with 26FIVE India Lab, aims to rekindle the importance of maintaining good health through simple and effective methods and reconnecting with the brand’s rich legacy of its golden capsules.

The #ShuruwatAajSe campaign launches with a brand film taking viewers on a journey through time, highlighting how the world has overlooked the most uncomplicated yet potent ways to stay healthy amidst fast-paced lives.

At a time when health and wellness concerns have taken center stage, reviving enduring health practices such as consuming dietary health supplements is critical. Cod liver oil is one of nature’s most potent nutrients, high in healthy fats, vitamins, and antioxidants. The campaign highlights the significant role that Seacod has played in the lives of many. In fact, new-gen moms attribute their strong immune systems to the dietary supplements they were raised on, which often included the golden capsules. The emotional connection between Seacod and its consumers demonstrates the product’s effectiveness and enduring legacy.

Commenting on the #ShuruwatAajSe campaign, Pratin Vete, CEO of Universal NutriScience, says, “At Seacod, we believe in the power of tradition and the simplicity of good health that the film has captured. Our cod liver oil capsule has been a part of households for decades, and we are thrilled to rekindle the spirit of wellness and health with this campaign. We hope to remind people of the wisdom in our traditional practices and inspire them to take a step towards a healthier lifestyle, starting today.”

Regarding the collaboration with Seacod, Ritesh Rao, CEO of 26FIVE India Lab, comments, “We’re proud to partner with Seacod in this important campaign. Seacod’s contribution to promoting health and wellness remains iconic. Reconnecting with our roots and embracing simple, time-tested health practices is the need of the hour. This campaign aims to reignite a positive change in people’s lives and encourage them to prioritize their well-being.”

The #ShuruwatAajSe creatives capture the essence of the brand’s heritage and the campaign’s core message, narrating the shift from the past to the present while emphasizing the enduring goodness of Seacod. The first film concludes with a question – ‘Toh akhir kya badla?’ – and illustrates the power of Seacod through experiences shared amongst multi-generational mothers. As the new-gen mother wonders how her own mother maintained her excellent health when she was younger, it is revealed that she chose the golden capsules as a daily health habit. The young mother then pledges to uphold the tradition with her son. Seacod invites everyone to join the #ShuruwatAajSe movement and rediscover the timeless wisdom of wellness and health.

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