GrowthX’19 in Mumbai

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With over 30 brand, marketing and transformation specialists from around the world converging in Mumbai, India, 26FIVE Global Labs met for the its first GrowthX’19 global meet and spent the next 3 days focusing on our clients’ imperatives for growth, discussing future solutions to better drive their mandate.

Several themes were consistent throughout the discussions which we’ve distilled into four key takeaways here:

– The 4Cs: Culture, Community, Creativity and Content are driving growth paths that lead to greatness.
Having one or the other is not enough. For a brand to achieve sustainable growth, the 4Cs need to be the driving forces in everything the brand does. Culture and Community and Creativity are integral to business differentiation. Integrating, aligning and investing in these pillars guarantee business outcomes. Content as the fourth C, although not new and mildly misunderstood is indispensable to set the tone in a brand growth path.

– Extraordinary ideas are transformative. Stories are strategies. Pipelines are power.
We’re in the idea business. Specifically ideas that will push transformation and drive outcomes and bottom lines. When data, emotions and technology come together, we create new paths for brands to grow great.

– Inundation of new technologies distract from essence. Automation, data, AI, media, geo-targeting, e-comm, and social, are tools, not solutions.
Choose your tech solutions wisely. Without a strategy on unifying technology, platforms, apps and bots will dilute your message, your voice and spoil your purpose. Only the right deign of technology and media can amplify your ideas, strategy and ultimately pipeline.

– Integration and simplification are at the heart of growth and greatness.
Brands are operating in an ever convoluted world. Whether needing to capture market share, creating new markets, engaging new talents, telling new stories, elevating above crisis or personalizing for each customer experience – making your brand whole and essential to the market is key to cut through the noise and clutter. Whole and essential are the force where growth and greatness begin.

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