4 Questions to start accelerating brand growth

 In Insights

Let’s unravel from the past year. From lockdowns, restrictions, uncertainties, and social upheavals, brands more than ever require soul searching and a new playbook to create a path to growth.

Consumer sentiment and behaviors have shifted. Evolving demand patterns have left most businesses facing mounting expenses with falling revenues, and accelerated outcomes — bad, ugly, and some good. New challenges drive new trends. And here are a few questions to better navigate some of these challenges.

Why would the world need your brand?

Now is the time, the window to recharge your brand vision and strategy. Disclaimer: it takes soul searching. Have you adapted to emerging trends? New behaviors? Altered demands? Time to take stock of your brand relatives: your competitors. How are they coming out of this metamorphosis? Rethink your value proposition, regain focus and control over your niche to win market share.

Do you know your data?

It is far more than automation, clicks, and conversions. Identifying patterns and creating relatable touchpoints to respond quickly is essential. Building on data insights to dynamically adjust strategies and capture growth opportunities will likely give you an advantage.

Are your customer relationships real?

All customers are at risk. Being ahead of your customers’ changing demands is critical. Set up proactive programs to help with value creation and retention. Don’t think about Customer Acquisition Cost, but Customer Life Cost to help feed better outcomes and tailored experiences.

What is the new “Do less for more”?

Don’t spam; reach. Don’t tell; talk. What messages are best influencing decision-makers across the decision journey? How to get laser focus on purposeful communications, across all channels working for optimum returns.

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