World Forum Disrupt – Strategy & Innovation Day

 In Agency Life

Soundbites across tech, transformation, CX, leadership, disruption, AI, neuroscience and more, in no particular order:
— We have +80K thoughts per day, 90% repetitive and 80% negative! Reprogramming our brain may be the only option to change human outcomes.
— Employees have 10x more connections than their organization. Culture eats strategy for breakfast! (We knew that!)
— Follow the 10th Man rule. Always assign a Contrarian to test ideas.
— Focus on small increments of failures. Don’t fail fast, fail faster.
— Innovation doesn’t come from leadership…
— Online gaming and 5G/low latency are shaping the future of societies
— Design may be the only sustainable competitive advantage
— Business models reinvent in under 7 years…
— Your offering is either a pain killer or a vitamin.
— Ethics and governance will be the most relevant future tech jobs.
— People struggle thinking exponentially in multiple dimensions.
— Get attached to “problems space,” not business models.
— There are no tech problems, only business ones (phew!) In conclusion, keep disrupting or disappear faster