Minions on the loose at 26FIVE

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A new workday has started. You plop yourself on your oh so comfortable chair, ready to crank out all your assignments. Wait a minute and breathe… sit back and take a look at your desk.

You may have a number of items sitting around with your name on them. These could be pens, planners, notebooks, a nameplate, a plaque or even the coveted personalized coffee mug.

But, here we also have your own “minion?” I’m not talking about the goofy, yellow creatures from “Despicable Me,” but about a carefully crafted Avatar representing you, just as you are!

Created by Alice Sun of the US office, the 26FIVE minions each embody the unique essence of the team member it represents. Alice shares with us how she went about making them:

“It all starts with observing and capturing each individual’s look, quirks and things they wear on a regular basis. I set the base shape to be universally used for everyone’s outline, so we are equals. I sketched each team member, scanned and retraced, and created a new US 26FIVE family!”

Drawing Marco's minion

Drawing Marco’s minion

Et voila! Whenever needed, you have your own army of 26FIVE minions. That beats a customized mug any day…