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26FIVE TECH is our specialized technology practice where we work with global telecom and technology leaders, past and future. We bring 26 years of expertise and proven results, driving growth strategy programs that set tech brands apart and drive their performance and valuation.





Who we work with

  • Start ups to the global Fortune 100
  • CEOs, boards and management teams leading the plan
  • Marketing and sales executives driving the plan
  • VCs and PEs enabling their investment to deliver the plan
  • ... an integral part of our team that strategizes, creates and launches our brand identity and products [spanning] all activities across all of our Regions and Business units...

    TATA Group
    Srinivasa Addepalli
    Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy
  • … the passion they have for their clients. I never felt like we were just another client on their list but rather a brand they invested in, were engaged with and treated as their own.

    Rozzyn Boy
    Chief Communications and Brand Officer
  • ... an outstanding job and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend their services highly to any company that is serious about getting their message out to their selected audience effectively.

    Lukas van der Kroft
    CX Marketing Executive
  • Best agency. A great team of creative professionals. Make sure you listen to what they recommend because they will be right 95% of the time.

    Tata Communications
    Dave Ryan
    EVP & Americas Regional Head,
    Enterprise Telecom Solutions
  • ... a unique aptitude in bridging marketing insights with technical expertise, driving execution through complex organization demands and challenging timeframes.

    Samira Kholi
    Managing Director, Marketing, APAC
  • Professional, highly creative, effective and timely in all the work they produce. Their out of the box thinking, coupled with completely reliable delivery makes working with them very enjoyable!

    Hot Telecom
    Steve Heap
    Chief Technology Officer
  • … numerous CEO’s of Global Providers come up to me personally and say how effective the “Data Center as a Revenue Center” messaging resonates with the entire community.

    Jarrett Appleby
    Chief Marketing Office
  • … your contribution throughout this journey, on strategy, brand and culture, is invaluable and will always remain a part of the TCL DNA.

    Tata Communications
    Vinod Kumar
    Chief Executive Officer

When to call us

  • Your positioning and GTM messaging need to start and drive the discussion
  • Your sales enablement model requires transparency and massive acceleration
  • You want to engage, nurture and dialogue with your audiences
  • You are planning for M&A, managing integrations or driving a pre-IPO


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