Uncle Saba’s Poppadoms

The legacy Taj Mahal brand has sold ready-to-cook poppadoms in Singapore and Malaysia since 1965. A staple of Indian cuisine, consumed by the Indian diaspora around the world, the poppadom was ready to be introduced to the world in a brand new, ready-to-eat format.

26FIVE built a brand identity for Uncle Saba’s Poppadoms around their vision for a healthy and delicious alternative to junk food, highlighting the health benefits while carefully avoiding singular connotations of the poppadom as strictly Indian. The team created design and packaging elements to appeal to a multi-ethnic and cross-generational market.

Eye-catching visuals incorporating hand-drawn ingredients and a simple, artisanal look and feel, coupled with playful and witty messaging inspire a lifestyle around the brand. The tagline “Live Lentilly” embodies this lifestyle as an intersection of pleasure, wellness and modernity.

Even as a prototype, Uncle Saba’s Poppadoms was immediately picked up by the largest supermarket retailers in Singapore and Malaysia, quickly gaining fans beyond the Indian community with rave reviews throughout the international community and continuous social media traction. Uncle Saba’s Poppadoms is now looking to expand further starting with countries with a large Indian community such as the UK and US.